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The benefit of grain free pet food really depends on the dog. Grain free food provides lots of energy and nutrition for your dog, but if you have a house dog, an older dog, or one with limited mobility, grain free food might cause your dog to gain weight. Grain free food is recommended for active dogs that need to draw on that excess energy.

Another reason some dogs may need grain free food is if they suffer from grain intolerance. This can often result in bloating, vomiting and other forms of stomach distress for your dog. Grain Free Pet Foods contain no grain, and include meat, vegetable and fruit proteins to be easy to digest. Grain free food that is rich in real meat products and protein can improve the skin and coat of your dog while providing energy and well balanced nutrition with vitamins and minerals.

Grain free food is often recommended for pregnant dogs and lactating dogs, to provide the energy the dam needs to produce healthy puppies and provide them with nutrients as well. Itís important that you follow some basic guidelines to transition your dog to grain free food.

A dogís sensitive digestive tract requires gradual changes in diet that allows their system to acclimate to the changes. The easiest way to introduce a new diet to your dog is to begin adding the new food to your dogís old food over the course of a week. For the first two days, add 25% of the new food to the old food. For the third and fourth days serve your dog a 50/50 mixture. Continue on the fifth and sixth days by serving 75% of the new food and only 25% of the old. On day seven you can feed your dog the new food only. If you notice any stomach upset or reactions from your dog, stick with the mixed products for a few more days to allow him to acclimate.
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